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IT – we can’t live without it! But there’s all those updates and security challenges and just when we figured out Internet Explorer was a browser (& we FINALLY worked out how to use it) and not some shiny satellite, they went and told us we can’t use it anymore! And let’s not even go there with Windows 7 . . .

And then there’s all the connectivity between devices and databases and mail platforms and calendars and oh my goodness heart palpitations are occurring just writing this list . . . If these are problems you experience – get a hold of Rio from CairnsMate Info Tech and get it sorted and systemised once and for-all (well until the next update anyway!!)

For more information on streamlining and results based solutions call (07) 4242 4653, keep an eye out for the fab new website coming soon - and like and follow this terrific business on Facebook @

Thanks for being such a valued member of the team for all these years Rio! We look forward to another great year with you helping us #unfckit!

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