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When is a good time to start planning for your retirement?


We all want a financially secure future, and there are a myriad of ways to "work" your superannuation funds and grow your wealth. We've all heard of self-managed Super, but where to start to know exactly what is allowable, where the risks lay and what rewards are actually achievable?

SMSF Strategic Advisors aim to inspire people to use superannuation to save for a comfortable retirement, and the truly amazing Rita is an absolute powerhouse of information when it comes to Superannuation planning. Advising on everything from admissible purchases to personalise your self managed fund, right down to the basics that will take you from where you are today through to a worry free financial future.

This is something we all need to consider, so when you're ready to get started, call Rita to book an appointment on (07) 4225 5428, for more information head to https://www.smsfsa.com.au/ and like and follow for all the latest workshops, tips and inspiration on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/SMSFStrategicAdvisors

Everyday forward matters, and there's so much we can do with a few tweaks to the budget to benefit our businesses instantly, as well as meet our long term financial life goals . . . we can't wait to learn more from Rita at our May TM event https://tradingmate.com.au/UpcomingEvents.aspx in just over a week's time. Come along and join us for this fabulous workshop where we will get to find out more on what to do to secure our families and businesses for the best retirement ever!

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