Too much washing, not enough time?

Cairns Beaches Bagwash

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The age old problem! But there is a solution, take care of the "floor-drobe" in one foul swoop - and have all your washing clean and ready to wear without ever touching a washing powder scoop again!

Chances are you've needed a laundromat from time to time, washing machine broken down, taking a driving trip, friends on holidays, or your circumstances have left you without the regular washer-person, so if you're on the Northern Beaches or know someone that may need this wash, dry, fold service - send them in or head to 5 Faculty Close - the Laundromat at Campus Shopping Village between 6am and 12 noon Monday - Friday and collect again the same time the very next day!

Call to find out more - 0499 017 147, like and follow on Facebook @ and checkout this fab website:

Welcome Lisa and your fabulous Cairns Beaches Bagwash to the business community - we know a few busy tradies and business people who'll be super grateful to have YOU on board, looking forward to introducing you at our next event :)

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