Bar service for your next function?
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We spend so much time planning events - and realistically it's nice to be able to sit back and enjoy them once all the hard work is over. Organising a great bar with fantastic service for your guests is always a welcome addition - firstly it frees up time and secondly it's an impressive way to look after your guests - especially if it's affordable too!

Lu lu and the crew are all RSA holders, so there's also the offloading of responsibilities to someone who can keep an eye on proceedings and are able to implemement any necessary actions :) They can organise all your drinks, ice & glass requirements or just rock up with the bar and start serving. . .

Give Lulu a call on 0419 566 381 - head on over to for more info, and give these guys a like and a follow on Facebook too: 

Thanks for being such a valued member of the crew, looking forward to seeing you guys at more and more functions all over the Far North :)

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