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Norsafe - Test and tag

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Heidi is the power house behind Norsafe - Test and Tag - servicing "Townsville to the Tip"

Why do I have to get Test & Tag done?
In business there are rules and regulations that govern the way in which we manage our  workplace, health and safety compliance. There are OWHS laws designed to keep the workplace free from accidents and protect the business owner from the risk of litigation.  The penalties for non compliance vary depending on the degree of non compliance and are extreme, in the event of an incident, where the person in charge of the workplace is deemed to be negligent and failing on their duty of care.
The team at Norsafe are passionate about saving lives.  They will do their best to inform and free your workplace of any potentially life threatening electrical hazards, before they manifest themselves into business threatening incidents.

To find whether YOUR business needs to meet these requirements, head to, like and follow on Facebook @ or just book in a time with Heidi - 0418 715 640

FANTASTIC to meet you recently - our growing businesses look forward to finding out more about what we need to do to ensure we keep our staff and our businesses safe :)

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