Small changes can have BIG impacts!!
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Sometimes it's hard to manage to do everything "right" all the time, especially in this world of "hurry, hurry", conveniently packaged products and super tight busy schedules & deadlines.

And all this "convenience" has occurred over the long course of time, so it's understandable that changing habits isn't going to be done all in one day. But bit by bit it really is easy to start eliminating our own plastic packaging consumption - as well as finding ways to reuse what we can't realistically do without - and of course now there are the fabulous financial incentives to get recycling too!

Lesley and the terrific Committee for Waste Reduction have loads of information, workshops, tips, tools & links to help those of us in the beautiful Tropical North to find ways to get started on the road to minimising plastic consumption and maximising our positive contributions toward a healthier environment - and every small step we take today will ultimately lead toward a more sustainable planet in the future for generations to come. Let's all start to enact the change WE wish to see in the world . . .

For more information head to and you know what - it's only $25 to become a member of CFWR and contribute to this fantastic association and assist them with this worthwhile message, and don't forget to jump across & follow the Facebook page: to find out more about all the latest ideas, tips, workshops, meetings and presentations with relevant information for household, community and business recycling, reducing & reusing options.

Thanks again to Lesley and the team at CFWR, we at are proud to be members and support your great work - and pledge to always do our bit to contribute to a positive, plastic reduced future for generations to come :)

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