Sharpen your mindset, sharpen your business!
News Photo Deb Johnstone - Transformational Pathways Australia

A smart lady once started her presentation with a drawing of 3 circles:

the innermost showed us we "know what we know";

the next showed that we "know what we don't know";

and on the outside of that one - we "don't know what we don't know" . . . 

Thanks so much for that great nugget Deb Johnstone - how very true this is and when it comes to business, this is most certainly the truth, especially running your own business and wearing so many hats and coping with so very many challenges! So where do we go to start to develop the best coping methods and resiliency tools?

Deb helps her clients connect with their true authentic selves. She assists them to change their thinking, shift their patterns of behaviour and arms them with tools and strategies to help them take any aspect of their life including their business to the next level.

Deb has a number of opportunities to learn and develop a great mindset -including programs, workshops and one to one services, head over to for more information, and all the latest updates are on Facebook @ or simply give Deb a call directly on 0408 004 670

Thanks so much for being such a wonderful member of the team - we are all excited to learn more about how to use our mindsets for success :)

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