A1 Mechanical Servicing & Repairs

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There’s nothing like having a local, Aussie-owned mechanic who you just know you can trust! These days, with all the large mechanical franchise chains setting up business in QLD, you never know who’s handling your car repairs from one service to the next. Considering you and your family’s safety relies on your car’s performance, that’s just crazy!

Peter & the team at A1 Mechanical Servicing & Repairs are proud of their smooth-running workshop that's equipped with everything needed to ensure they can service or repair your car, ute, truck or 4WD quickly and efficiently. 

Services include, but are not limited to:

General service, maintenance and logbook services

Engine repairs and changeovers

Brake, clutch and suspension repairs

Roadworthy safety certificates (all vehicle classes and trailers)

Electronic diagnostic scan tool

Air conditioning repairs, services and re-gassing

Authorised Safe-T-Stop testing

To find out more head to call and make a time to book in on 07 4035 6119 and like and follow on Facebook to learn more about their next Confident Car Care workshop @

Thanks so much for being such a great member of the team this past year, we are looking forward to you teaching us (and our kids & grandkids) how to be a little more independent when it comes to looking after our vee-hick-allls!

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