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Organic Motion

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Have you ever thought about utilising your garden to produce your own food? Most of us have had a go at some stage but were missing some of the knowledge on nutrients, care, seasonal adjustments and life cycles, so it kind of just reverted back to a basic garden . . .what if you could find someone to refer to and assist with setting up AND maintaining this so that the ecology of your garden becomes something more useful, meaningful and nutritious - bringing intrinsic value in the form of production, completion, ongoing aesthetics & cost savings for the whole family to enjoy?

Jay & the team at Organic Motion have a terrific business assisting with all we need to know about abundant edible landscapes! They design attractive, edible, energy efficient landscapes in North Queensland by using innovative strategies based on intelligent design, to save you time, money and resources. By harmoniously integrating your lifestyle into your garden...true health is literally at your own doorstep!

To find out more, head to, call Jay directly on 0408 555 368 and like and follow on Facebook:

Thanks so much for being part of the community, what you offers has so many positive benefits for us all :)


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