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They say the most common insurance claims are due to burst pipes under your bathroom, kitchen & laundry sinks - so maybe it's time to have a review of your insurance - or better still (and so much simpler) get those pipes checked! 

Jim and the Old School Plumbing team are ready to assist - maintenance, repairs and gas work are all on the agenda, with quality work and comparable pricing guaranteed.

As they say a stitch in time saves nine - and if your home was flooded when a simple call-out would have saved an absolutely massive inconvenience - or worse still - tens of thousands in damage repairs, wouldn't it be smart to make the call?

Book an inspection on 0439 403 379 and to keep up with all the ins and outs of the daily life of a plumber who's seen his fair share, head across to like and follow on Facebook @

And here's some wise words from Jim: "Remember to only flush the 3P's - pee, poo and toilet paper - and pop everything else in the bin" Thanks for the tip for being such great members of our business community all these years - hopefully the next time we see you is at one of our TM events - but we know you are "plunger prepped" if ever we need you! 

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