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Master Blaster Pressure Clean

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Living in the tropics, we all know the problems with mould - and the chore of removing it after the wet season. Who has time for this horrid task - and what about the correct tools to get it all sorted in a timely fashion?

Steven at Master Blaster Pressure Clean does! For the time it'll take to hire or organise to borrow the equipment, plus the safety gear, not to mention all the prep - plus the hours you'll lose in using your own valuable time in a much more financially productive or cost beneficial way, you can simply pick up the phone and have the whole job organised with ease - 0411 472 669 and it involves no elbow grease from you, challenges with dodgy equipment - & all at pricing that is easy on the bank balance.

To learn more about this great service, head to and to check out the latest before and after pics and a bunch of happy customers, jump on over to

Thank goodness we've had you guys to look after this onerous but ongoing task for all of us in the community for the past year or so - thanks for being our great mate and here's to another terrific year :)

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