Congratulations to this fantastic crew!

Rotary Cairns Northern Beaches

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Biggest congratulations to this team of amazing individuals who, after operating as a satellite club of Mareeba Rotary are now Chartered and ready to operate under their own steam - raising money through fabulous events, like the October Trinity Beach Vibe, supporting the ANZAC Dawn Service (when it's back in action) and funding programs to assist and re-engage youth on the Norhtern Beaches and beyond.

We have a load of great Trading Mates involved as founding Charter members too; Sharlene, Cam, Jenn, Hannah, Jim, Jo C, Helen, Jo M, and I'm proud to be part of this crew as well. Congratulations to our new President Luke, and to our Secretary Cara - great job stepping up, we can't wait to get together again in person and get planning!

If doing something for community is on your agenda this year, don't hesitate to send a message to the Facebook page: we have friends of Rotary too - so you can pop your name down to join us as a volunteer at our events or join us for a casual catch-up once a month and be part of something amazing - creating great opportunities for the less advantaged youth in our region.

These guys have been part of the community for a while now and we are always looking for donations, business gift vouchers and the like to support our raffles and fundraising activities, so if you have something to offer, we'd love to hear from YOU :)

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