Lovely garments and advice from this beautiful lady . . .
News Photo Kaname Bra Fit Specialist

There really is nothing as nice as slipping into beautiful underwear, it adds a confidence that radiates from us and adds a new level of vivacity to our step. And how good does it feel to wear soft, high quality, flowy, well fitting and flattering fabrics on the outside as well?

Where can we get these items, and how can we have our own private fitting or get together to have a look, touch and try of such beautiful garments? Easy, just give Kaname the Bra Fit Specialist a call on 0429 421 060 and organise a time to suit. Kaname is a stockist and partner of the gorgeous Intimo range & provides a personalised shopping service to her lovely clients - both in a private setting or you can book a demo party AND reap some terrific rewards for yourself and your guests!

You can follow Kaname on Facebook too: and for more information on this fabulous range go to

Welcome to our wonderful community Kaname, we look forward to connecting you with our members and showcasing your wonderful business :)

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