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Want to break through the noise and reach your ideal customers?

"Spread the Word" for a marketing strategy that defines your unique strengths, uncovers your ideal customers motivations and chooses the marketing channels that will reach your customers!

Naomi is an expert in marketing micro, medium and even larger businesses - any of her valued clients will tell you something along these lines "An hour with Naomi has been one of the best investments I have made in my business. Naomi listened carefully to me prattle on about what I am trying to achieve, my ideas and my aspirations and was then able to sift through it all and help me define who my clients are, what they are really looking for and how I need to tailor my marketing to suit. She wasn't afraid to ask some hard questions about my current strategies and this was a bit confronting but it really was just what I needed and why I went there in the first place. I now have a much clearer idea about how to move forward with my business marketing and feel confident to make the changes I need. Please spread the word."

With over 30 years experience and the tools, tech capacity and contacts to open the right doors, and put your business in front of your targe clients, there's never been a better time to head to https://stw.net.au/  or call Naomi directly on 0434 357 913.

Thanks for being such a valuable member of the www.tradingmate.com.au for all these years, we love your energy, presence, enthusiasm and assistance with our small businesses and look forward to having you Guest MC, Table Host or Present for us again throughout the coming year!

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