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Soap Box Laundry Service

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Laundry. Washing. Ironing.

3 words that don't add up in any way shape or form to F U N. Is there an option to reliably (we don't want shrinkage, discolouration, or holes that don't belong . . .) outsource, maybe a service that comes to your door, collects your smellies and returns them fresh, crisp, clean & ironed & ready to wear - that doesn't cost the Earth?

Terrific question - and the answer is YES - absolutely there is! Deb LOVES (yes she is a pretty special person) laundry - in all its smelly, dirty glory and gets a big kick out of transforming it into a beautiful folded stack of glorious linen ready to see us all through another day, and thereby enabling super busy people to get on with whatever it is that makes the money or gives us time out to enjoy life.

To book your service, jump onto Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Soap-Box-Laundry-Service-321701778727436, call Deb on 0413 425 338 and of course you can find this great business on www.tradingmate.com.au! 

Welcome to our super-supportive community of Trading Mate businesses, we KNOW just how much value you'll bring to the team and look forward to catching up with you again very soon :)

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