New furniture, affordably priced, delivered to your door?
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Oh yes, how good does it feel when you get a new piece of furniture and it changes up the whole feel of the room? Then it’s just a matter of a couple more accessories and it’s like a whole new home! Imagine a new statement piece that’s incredibly priced, locally sourced, and great quality too . . . imagine 2, or even a whole house revamp . . .

Megan and the team at Newstart Furniture have got everything needed to outfit an entire house, or if all you need is a simple upgrade of your mattress and bedding, they have that “covered” too ?? 

Have a browse online @ and on Facebook @ and if you have any questions at all just call Megan directly on 0411 426 797

We love this terrific member and all the beautiful items supplied and delivered this past year to our Trading Mates, looking forward to connecting you again through 2019 :)


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