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Eco Cleanzen

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Do you suffer from respiratory allergies? Are you a pet owner? Do you get colds or other sicknesses often? Does someone you live with smoke indoors?

Then Mariajose has got a solution for you . . .

Our lungs are one of the most vital and sensitive of our organs and every day we breathe in millions of particles and microbes, causing irritation and illnesses. Eco Cleanzen can help you breathe better!

Clean your mattresses, carpets, pet bedding and more, services even include a complimentary bedroom air sanitisation & choices of essential oil diffusion to leave your room clean fresh and ready to relax in!

Get in touch for prompt appointments and super service by calling 0425 050 334. you can learn more by heading to and by liking and following on Facebook @ 

Welcome to the team of businesses - after seeing what came out of mattresses yesterday, this could definitely be a regularly booked service! Thanks so much for joining us Mariajose, we can't wait to get you connected with our community!


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