Professional IT service and support for Cairns local business

Cowie IT Support

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How much do we all love technology? Especially when it works, right?

But where do we go when it just doesn't?

If installing a new printer, setting up a business phone system, transferring information onto a new laptop or logging into your website makes you shudder - then it might be time to outsource to a professional - leaving you to go back to your business and spend your valuable time and energy working in your business and looking after all those wonderful customers!

Cowie IT support is ready to assist, this team love nothing more than trekking through those tech traumas and with over 30 years experience in the IT industry, Adam is well versed in supporting businesses with a variety of computers, IT systems & equipment, including IT phone systems.

To find out more, head to, like and follow on Facebook @ and to book in and chat about your digital dilemma, call directly on 0459 771 010

Welcome to the business community Adam, we are excited to meet you and find out more about this sensational new business that no doubt will assist so many busy Trading Mates!

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