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Struggling to do and be everything to keep your business ticking over?

Reports estimate almost 70% of Australian business is family owned and operated; employing around 50% of the Australian workforce. The same reports estimate more than 50% of these businesses will fail in the first three years.

Tukea is passionate about providing the support that the sole and small business operators desperately need, they KNOW that family business is the back bone of the Australian economy.

So when it's time to find out what's needed to get you through all the stages of business from downturns to maintaining great stability and onto the growth phase - get in touch with Rachel, David and the super supportive, friendly, caring team at Tukea! Call 4041 0155, and to find out more head to http://www.tukea.com.au/

Welcome to the www.tradingmate.com.au community of small businesses, everyone needs a hand from time to time, you guys are like a breath of fresh air to so many, sometimes the right guidance can be the only difference between sinking and swimming :)

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