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360 Accounting

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Ready to get your tax affairs in order for the EOFY? Too busy to go to the accountant?

Do the anacronyms BAS, IAS, ITR, FBT, ATO, PAYG & GST leave you shivering in your boots? Then it's time to get the experts in. Meet Holly from 360 Accounting, she's B.Com & CPA qualified and can NOT wait to get her hands on your books! But actually it can be a lot easier than that, with the online software available now, and if you're already using a program like Xero, she'll jump in and get a quick rundown on all your needs from cashflow to profits, liabilities to compliance - this really is a 360 degree business and accounting service!

Call to find out how to get the assistance you need 0421 668 096, for more info on this terrific service, head to https://www.threesixtyaccounting.com.au/ and like and follow on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/360accountingcairns

Welcome to the www.tradingmate.com.au business community Holly, your timing is perfect as we are all prepping for our EOY business tax needs, we look forward to connecting you with the busy TM crew!

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