Digital skill building programs for over 50s
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Our lives have definitely changed with the digital age, and some will say it's for the better - others may disagree! But whatever our opinion - it's certainly here to stay, and offers so many more open doors to access goods, services, marketing, opportunities and even social connectivity than ever before.

Nancy & the team at Digital Inclusions have identified that sometimes the older demographic can often find it more challenging, we weren't brought up tapping away on a keyboard or with access to constant availability through mobile devices - and the technology and new learnings required to interact in this world may need some directed training, programs and courses to be able to function within these great new connective platforms.

To find out how to access this information - for yourself, parents, family, friends or neighbours that could benefit - head to and of course the leader of this community-focused, not for profit enterprise, the wonderful Nancy, is only ever a phone call away on 0401 838 472

Thanks for bringing this great service to our community - keeping up with the "program" is challenging - and we so appreciate having your business to help us along the way :)

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