Leading the way in Skin Cancer Detection

FNQH Cairns

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Did you know:

- more than 70% of Melanomas arise from normal skin

- Most early Melanomas have more than 90% cure rate with simple surgery

- detecting changes or identifying new lesions are crucial

FNH - Cairns Medical & Skin Cancer Centre has become the first practice in the world to install the new 3-D skin-cancer detection machine that scans the entire body to aid in diagnosing melanomas early and help reduce the need for unnecessary biopsies.

If you think you are high risk or concerned about any moles please call 40405800 to find out more about the 3D Total Body Photography (mole mapping) and skin checks.  

To find out more or book an appointment, head to http://fnqh.com.au/ and to keep up with all the very latest in Medical & Skin Cancer technologies, like & follow on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/FNQHCairns

We are so proud to have Tarlia, Vin and the award-winning, cutting edge team at FNH Cairns as part of our www.tradingmate.com.au business community for the past 2+ years and look forward to hearing more about their successful journey in the world of Skin Cancer detection!


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