A photographer for all occasions?
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There really is nothing like having beautiful images to capture a special moment, whether it's an event or simply a time in life that you want to remember because as we know time goes so fast, children grow and we are only ever this age today . . .

The lovely Meaghan has an exceptional way of bringing out the very best in her subjects so that you can recognise the cheekiness, twinkle, emotion and feeling of exactly what you want to savour for today and for prosperity. 

If you'd like to book in a time to discuss your needs, give Meaghan a call on 0411 088 950, for an idea of different styles and a wander through the gallery, head over to http://www.prettyinpictures.com.au/ and for some of her latest work, follow pretty in pictures on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prettyinpicturescairns/

Thanks Meaghan, we at www.tradingmate.com.au are really so grateful to have your services available to our members and appreciate your fabulous work capturing the warmth & inclusiveness of our Trading Mate events :)

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