Have all your calls personally answered in REAL time!
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We can't be switched on our businesses 24 hours a day - nor do we want to be if we want to have a life! But there's some things that people just don't get to during the usual course of the working day - or decide to find out about at odd hours...

If you need to ensure every query is answered and looking for an economic way to do so, then maybe an Aussie based (Cairns QLD) & accented call centre is the answer for YOUR business? And if it's a situation where you need to MAKE a series of calls to your database for sales, marketing purposes or feedback - then 24 Hour Connexion can do this too!

For more information, pricing and other services, call 0438 090 055 and Ian and the team can walk you through the options. Check them out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/yourcalls247/ and at http://24hourconnexion.com.au/

Thanks so much for bringing these valuable services to our busy www.tradingmate.com.au crew of businesses, we are looking forward to working with you :)

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