"Remember, beauty and health starts on your plate."

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These days, not all our veggies are packed with the nutritional value they used to have in the past. Instead, in many circumstances, they’re depleted and loaded with pesticides and processed foods can deliver heavy metal and preservatives to our bodies. That’s why, often, we develop deficiencies and suffer inflammation, chronic illnesses as well as gut and skin issues.

YUK!! Doesn't sound like a great outlook, so if you're looking for natural, medically and molecularly proven ways to better health and to protect against and combat the potential onset of these nasties, get in touch with Christiane @ Body & Skin Care Cairns Beaches!

Christiane is currently away at a conference that delves into Orthomolecular Medicine to learn more about the ways she delivers her amazing services. But she's never far away from the fabulous technology that helps her book in, connect with and assist her clients. Right now it's best to email her on bodyandskincare.cairnsbeaches@gmail.com you can find out more by heading to https://bodyandskincarecairnsbeaches.com/ and by liking and following on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/bodyandskincarecairnsbeaches/

The www.tradingmate.com.au crew have always loved all the amazing advice, massages and recipes that this long term Trading Mate has on offer, we look forward to a healthy, balanced & productive 2020 with you :)

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