Therapeutic and Holistic care of your furry friend

Nurturing Touch

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Is your dog anxious, hyper, in pain or in need of some holistic care? Then Nicole from Nurturing Touch can help!

Nicole offers a range of therapies for our precious pets including:

Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy

Neuro-myofascial Release Therapy

Aroma Therapy

Kinesiology Taping

Sounds like a lot of great assistance options - but don’t worry, simply request a consultation to discuss the needs and challenges your pet is facing and Nurturing Touch will produce a treatment plan - one that is specifically designed for your pets' needs to improve their range of motion, relieve pain and improve well-being.

What you can't know is how much this lovely lady actually cares for her furry clients - and how much they love her touch! To book in, call 0448 840 627, for more info head across to and for all the latest updates on this fantastic and innovative service, like & follow on Facebook @

Thanks so much for bringing your wonderful kindness and amazing skills to assist our beloved furry friends - they give us so much and deserve this type of loving, skilled and intuitive care in return :)

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