Social Impact + Ripple Effect =

The Social Effect

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Definable actions DO make a difference . . . get started, get involved and feel how much positivity you can create, not only in the outcomes for others, but intrinsically for yourself and those around you too!

Lesley has created The Social Effect - a truly amazing and inspiring organisation offering next level connectivity through events that empower us to be better, understand our own strengths and the benefits we can create by becoming aware that small changes can make such huge differences . . .

To find out more about the ways you can participate & contribute, head to call Lesley direct on 0405 373 500, and of course you can find out more about the social media campaigns, events and opportunities by hitting the thumbs up button on the Facebook page:

Thanks for bringing The Social Effect to the community of businesses, we are always looking for ways to be and do better - a big welcome from all of our team :)

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