Bookkeeping for a better business?

JR Bookkeeping

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Who doesn't dread it? Reconciling your accounts ready for lodging your BAS or prepping for the tax man, but it's an inevitable task and believe it or not there are some people out there who just love it and are pretty excited to get their hands on your books!

Julie at JR Bookkeeping is one such lady and she gets that glow when getting your accounts in order and explaining where some minor tweaks & adjustments can make some really big impacts to your bottom line (that's your Net Profit in case you're wondering!). And if you're concerned about the costs of outsourcing your books - then have a chat today as it can be such a small investment but one of the most worthwile moves a business owner can make. Not only do you relieve yourself of the job but you can free up your time to get on with the real task of running a business and servicing your customers - and THAT'S where most of us shine, not behind a mound of ever increasing paperwork!!

Give Julie a call on 0447 161 604, and follow this terrific business on Facebook @ and you can find more info on Trading Mate too:

Thanks Julie, the community at are always thrilled to see you at our events and know just what a great service you provide to our busy member businesses :)

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