Pain AWAY!

Robyn's Bowen Therapy & Emmett Technique

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Imagine if your muscle pain could be released in as little as 30 - 50 minutes? This is NOT a gimmick - it actually happens in the hands of a trained muscle release therapist!

And it doesn't involve those heavy hard massages at all, Bowen Therapy is a technique that works on the soft tissue of the body, and involves a sequence of movements across muscle fibres at specific sites. Emmett Technique involves a combination of gentle switches and light pressure to release specific muscle groups, enabling the body to return to a balanced state.

If you haven't tried it - BOOK IN! Robyn uses her knowledge of both techniques to ensure relief - and in some cases the results are instantaneous - call 0431 303 453 to lock in a time and unlock your knots, or get in contact by heading across to and checkout which events and markets you can find this amazing business lady gracing by adding a follow on the Facebook page:

Robyn has been with the business community since 2015, and has brought immeasureable relief to so many of our team, we thank you for your ongoing support & oh-so-clever hands :)

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