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Avoca Cosmetology

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Feeling beautiful goes a long way to contributing to how you present yourself, and that in turn gives a sense of confidence that just radiates as an outer glow, a spring in your step and before you know it, you're standing out from the crowd - for all the right reasons!

Donna, Anna & the team at Avoca Cosmetology have a myriad of options to make you look and feel amazing, from tinting, waxing, nails, hair, eyelashes, teeth whitening, spa & laser treatments and they even have a qualified, experienced practitioner to add a few little drops of that special elixir that will plump out those pesky wrinkles and lines to leave you looking years (&years) younger!

And if you make the trip out to spectacular Trinity Beach for your indulging appointment, you'll soon realise that not only are you in the most scenic of salons, where luxury abounds - but shhhhh these services are amazingly affordable to boot . . .

To checkout the services available, grab a gift voucher or book an appointment, head across to for all the latest specials, like and follow on Facebook @ or to discuss something directly, call the lovely ladies on (07) 4057 8400

Welcoming Avoca Cosmetology to the business community, we are super excited to sneak in for a lush treatment - and eagerly await the relaxation and rejuvenation as we float out of the salon and back to our lives, but with the added bonus of feeling a million dollars!

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