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Merchant Financial

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If it's time to consider checking in on the interest rates for your home/business loan, buying a new piece of equipment, updating the family car, or (now we have some bright lights on the horizon . . . ) booking in a once in a lifetime holiday - then have a chat with an experienced broker whose on top of all the latest rates, one who works with and knows the institutions that work FOR their clients. 

Billie at Merchant Financial has all of the above covered! With a team that has access to 30 + lenders - offering all types of finance including home loans, investment finance, construction loans, commercial and business lending, car loans and personal loans. This truly is a lending organisation that will do whatever it takes to help you get over the line!

Call Billie directly on 0427 562 194, to check out the latest reviews and info on Facebook, head to and you'll see this hard-working business has just been nominated as a Finalist in the 2021 AFG EXCELLENCE Awards!

Billie has been part of the business community for so many years and has assisted dozens of our members to buy their own homes, new cars, refinance debt and even their own business premises - we love your work, helping the TMs with the right advice and seamless access to the finance they need in order to achieve the growth and success they so deserve :)

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