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Oasis Magazine is owned by Cairns local, Julianne Steer. But let’s be real here, we all know her as “Jules” and that’s because, as much as she really is a classy girl, this very down-to-earth lady has never been known to call a spade a shovel – if that’s exactly what it is – and she’s not afraid to use it either! For digging holes, gardening etc - what did you think we meant??

Oasis is known for celebrating life in the Tropics, showcasing local businesses and supporting the community in a myriad of ways, but for the purposes of this write-up, we are going to focus on the clientele that are the primary target audience of this much celebrated publication:

The Oasis Woman

Although Oasis Magazine appeals to a much wider audience, its primary focus is the “Oasis Woman”. A modern, intelligent, multi-faceted individual juggling work, life and family on a daily basis, the Oasis Woman is socially aware and environmentally conscious. Valuing education, health and financial security, she understands the importance of looking after herself in order to be the best person she can be.

We have more than a few of these in our TM community!

Oasis Media also offers a range of Marketing Solutions for your small business, Including logo design, business Branding, events management and social media marketing.

If your business in any way is looking “get marketed” and reach new audiences – get in touch with Ju Les on 0423 959 648, and yes you’ll actually get to chat with the publisher herself, who gives so much time to so many! Head across to http://legacy.oasismagazine.com.au/ and jump onto like, follow and giggle on the Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/OasisMagTNQ/

Thanks for being part of the www.tradingmate.com.au community, for sharing our stories, for presenting at our events and for all that you do for our local region. We are honoured to have your support and look forward to a rocking 2020 with the Oasis crew!

Oh and thanks for the write-ups - love your work

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