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InTouch Insurance

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Do you have insurance but don't really know what you have? Is your superannuation in the right fund for you? Would you like someone to go over your policies, at absolutely NO Charge to check over all the inclusions (& exclusions) to ensure that your cover suits your exact needs? 

Shannon at InTouch Insurance is an authorised representative of Infocus Securities Australia is highly qualified & experienced - working with individuals and families in the far north to ensure they have the correct cover for Life Insurance, Trauma Cover, Income Protection and Total & Permanent Disablement Cover. 

Make an appointment for a review and find out if you've positioned yourself well - or whether it really is time for a change! Call 0419 324 984, and keep up with all things relating to personal insurance by clicking the thumbs up button on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/intouchfinancialservices/

Thanks so much for supporting the www.tradingmate.com.au business community for the past 4 years, your services have been invaluable to so many of our members and we are looking forward to connecting all the way into 2020 :)


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