Metal detectors, binoculars, periscopes!

Night Sky Secrets

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There's an entire universe out there that most of us can't even begin to comprehend . . .  but a few tools, a little bit of education and some spare time can lead to the most amazing experiences, that really are "out of this world".

Ian has a passion for all things galactical & geological - and a zest to help others find out more too. Pop into the shop - Night Sky Secrets - just on The Esplanade across the road from the Cairns Casino, and have a look around at the gear available to help you look up, look down and look out! 

There are also fabulous astronomy tours and presentations available as well as a mobile planetarium - now that's something to think about for a get together of kids and adults alike!

Head in to Shop 3-34, The Esplanade or jump online for a browse @ there are fantastic gift ideas here too. And if it's an enquiry you have call Ian directly on 1300 THE SKY 

Thanks so much for bringing this unique and super interesting business back into the community - we love your fab new location and look forward to calling in again soon :)

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