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Is it possible to effectively use social media for your business advertising without spamming out your friends and family.... & which are the best platforms to sell or promote your goods and services to, and here's another one - which audience will be available at the time and online to share your information with - Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Google+, Snapchat...?

Renee has the answers to all these questions and more, such as what is the ration of social to business posting, how many times a week should I post, where do I find my insights and stats and HOW CAN I DO THIS BETTER??

We are so pleased to have the services of Social Butterfly Marketing available to our Trading Mates and cannot thank Renee enough for all that she does to assist us in our workshops & events to better get a handle on the best ways to utilise this everchanging and improving business advertising space. If you can't schedule in one of our classes, then give her a call on 0438 200 118 checkout the website and have a look at a truly successful Facebook business page right here:

Thanks for being an integral part of our community - we truly value your assistance and services for our team of businesses :)

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