Protecting your most prized possessions

Gallagher Insurance

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Insurance - all of us need it in some way or another. The process of organising insurance can be overwhelming and confusing for some -from understanding your business risk exposures to reading through a policy wording that looks like it’s been written in a different language. 

Amanda & the team at Gallagher Insurance are here to help simplify the process for you! They provide insurance solutions and risk management advice to a wide range of clients from car & home owners, small to medium size businesses through to multi-national corporations. As a Brokerage, they have access to hundreds of national insurance companies and have strong affiliations with several industry-specific experts from international offshore markets. There is no risk that these guys cannot find a placement for!

They aim to deliver on the aspiration ‘to position clients to financially survive any insurable event'. So when it's time to have a chat about your most prized possessions and what can be done to protect them, call Amanda on 07 4047 8555 and for more info head over to  and for all the latest like and follow on Facebook: 

Thanks for being such a great member of the community - we know that insurance is a necessary evil and very much appreciate all the help, support and advice that you guys offer to negotiate our way through the maze :)

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