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The wet season is over! And it's left our gardens looking lush and green, but our paths, driveways, rooves and walls have also worn the brunt of the weather . . .

The tropical climate here in FNQ brings so much beauty - but the balance of that is the mould - and it won't go away by staring it down - it's nature's way to multiply the grime. Get the professionals in to wash it down and bring back the fresh face of your property.

Steve at Master Blaster Pressure Clean has you covered, actually what this great team do is uncover the beauty and functionality of your solar panels, driveways, paths and walls - and they come fully insured, with top quality equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Don't spend your weekend on a ladder, borrowing or hiring tools for a once a year chore - call in the experts, sit back with a bevvy and enjoy a fresh new outlook on your outdoor areas, nag free!

Book a time on 0411 472 669 today, for more info, head to and to check out some terrific before & after pics and videos, like & follow on Facebook @ 

What a great service to have amongst out terrific business community - thanks for being such professional & contributive members for the past 3+ years guys, we look forward to catching up with you soon to connect and learn more!

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