Time to get those renos quoted?
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Ok as we look around our homes before the rellies arrive (again) to see what we achieved over the past year since their last visitation - some of us are going to be cussing because we "meant" to get a few things sorted but alas, yet another year has disappeared . . .

Then it's time to get a quality tradie in to give you some ideas and a very reasonable quote to tackle the job - saving your own sweat, the tantrums in the tile shop, and the arguments with the better half! Jason & Natalie are fair dinkum operators who are fast with their quotes, turn up on time (I know right!!) and offer super service along with quality workmanship - and all at terrific pricing!

You can find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fairdinkumcairns/ on Trading Mate: https://tradingmate.com.au/MemberProfile.aspx?Id=bb65d57f-ad99-4850-9ea8-7c058c483cfa and the old fashioned way - by phone on 0476 903 830

Welcome to our terrific www.tradingmate.com.au community guys, we are so pleased to have your great services available to our members and look forward to introducing you to the crew :)

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