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Did you know that more plastic has been produced in the last 10 years than was produced in the whole of the last century, and less than 5% of plastics are recycled worldwide? Plastic pollution is a global problem, with the biggest offender being single use plastic items. EORTH — the online store — was founded with a primary goal — to combat this problem.

Cathy has made it her goal to ensure there are options out there for eliminating the single use mentality that we have all become oh-so-comfortable with. How many shampoo bottles have you used in your lifetime? How many of those have ACTUALLY been recycled? Why not change over to a shampoo bar, they last so much longer AND it's just one small step to making the changes that will ultimately pave the way for our children and grandchildren to know there are actually other, better alternatives to living greener - for the benefit of all of us now and for years to come!

Go online and have a browse: there's so many items available and the packaging used for void fill in shipping the plastic free products is plastic free! EORTH uses a die cut kraft paper and tissue interleaf combination, secured with hemp rope, acting as a cushion to protect products during shipment.

Call Cathy for more info 0437 530 795 and like and follow this great local business on Facebook @

Thank you for being such a great member of the business community, your service is simply life-changing and we should ALL get on board to celebrate and use these great alternatives TODAY :)

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