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Kaname Bra Fit Specialist

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What's the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing that comes off at night...? Your underwaer of course, so having comfy, quality undies with a bit of sass is everyone's dream!

The best way to find out what will suit your body without grappling and sweating it out trying multiple items in a public changeroom, is to have your own bra-fit specialist - come to YOU! 

Kaname takes pride in assisting her clients to make long lasting purchases of quality garments, that feel good, fit well and offer the correct shaping support for absolutely ANY body type. And you can always grab a bunch of ladies together and save some money by holding your own party - and share the undie love around.

Call Kaname on 01429 421 060 to book in a time - and don't forget to ask about the December specials too! Join the group and find out more:

Thanks Kaname - we love having your exceptional service as part of our community, and thanks for keeping us in the loop with all your great products too:)

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