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Automotive Aesthetic

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Automotive Detailing and Paint Protection - not something we think about often - but oh so important up here in the harsh elements of the tropics. What about a maintenance wash - yeah not something most of us (without teenagers looking for some quick cash) are fond of, so how do we get a detailer to come to us and at a reasonable price?

Dylan is a dedicated and industrious young man with an eye for detail who is keen as mustard to take over this onerous task - and he charges VERY reasonable rates to boot! Automotive Aesthetic is the business name - one to rememberwhen you're ready to outsource (and the teenagers "suddenly" become unavailable!

Get in touch directly on 0438 179 000 - and you can find out more about the terrific pricing on Facebook: or on Trading Mate:

We thank you Dylan - what a wonderful service to bring to the community - welcome :)


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