No nasties, no cruelty, no compromises - 100% benefit.

spajar skincare

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Handcrafted with integrity, safe, responsible and affordable - all words you want to have associated with products that you purchase - but what about supporting local, 100% natural and wholly supportive of your biggest organ - your SKIN! 

Sabine develops & produces the spajar skincare range, so you know that what you're buying, is all of those things and a great deal more . . . crafted with love from the highest quality ingredients, ethically sourced, holistically designed and packaged in recyclable jars & made with full respect and gratitude to our planet, and its' animals and people.

To find out more about the handcrafted range available to cleanse, moisturise, protect and deliciously perfume your skin - head over to and of course all the latest information is available @ & the lovely Sabine is only ever a phone call away on 0451 182 425.

We are so happy to have had these great products available to the community of business this past couple of years and are so excited to have your beauty with us moving into 2019 / 20 :)


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