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Pure Joy Naturopathy

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If you have trouble saying no to others and constantly feel on edge without knowing how to regain your sense of self, then you definitely need to meet this amazing naturopathic practitioner!

"Hi! I am Mayumi.

I am a trained naturopath, who enjoys drinking matcha green tea, practising Aikido, and studying Tibetan medicine. I have a strong interest in mental and emotional well-being, as Tibetan medicine suggests that mental toxicity can lead to physical health issues. I work with clients who are experiencing burnout, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and negative thought patterns. My goal is to help them gain a better understanding of themselves and cultivate a more positive outlook on life, resulting in improved overall health. I believe that a positive mindset leads to positive outcomes."

If you were lucky enough to witness Mayumi's business presentation at our recent www.tradingmate.com.au networking event, you'll undersatnd that Mayumi lives and breathes her culture in her practice, which authenticates her business to a level that genuinely connects with and to her clients, creating a new level of intrinsic value.

From arm chair yoga to naturopathy to massage, everything offered by Pure Joy Naturopathy comes from the heart. To find YOUR "pure joy", book an appointment here: https://purejoynaturopathy.com.au/book-online to find out more & keep up with the latest events & inspiring revelations, like & follow on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/purejoynaturopathy or to chat about the best services for your needs, call Mayumi on 0478 891 391.

Thanks for being such a truly wonderful www.tradingmate.com.au contributor since 2018! Your presence brings an element of calm to those around you!
Book into one of Mayumi's upcoming events: https://www.facebook.com/purejoynaturopathy/events to unlock the secrets of  IKIGAI for decluttering supplements, prioritise well-being and nurturing body, mind & soul :)

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