A mechanic you can trust!
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So often we worry that the service we need - and know nothing about - leaves us at the mercy of the business provider. So realistically we want to meet and connect with local operators who have a vested interest in ensuring their reputation is solely dependent on the quality of service they offer and pricing that is reasonable.

Well the team at Cairns Auto Electrical, Mechanical Air & Audio are the absolute epitome of good service, great pricing and just generally being all-round nice people. They 100% rely on their customers being satisfied with the work they produce, and being a family owned business, their name rides on the results of all customer interactions!

Look under a car for Brett or pop into the office to have a chat with Sam - these guys are renowned for offering truly competitive pricing on pretty much anything with 4 wheels. Located just off the highway at 25 Johnston St Stratford, or call for a quote on 4058 2543, and head over to give these guys the big thumbs up on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cairnsautoelectrical/ and they have a terrific website for even more info: http://cairnsautoelectrical.com.au/

Thanks so much for being a wonderful part of the www.tradingmate.com.au community for all these years, we love that we can rely on you when our vehicles need some care & attention :)

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