Growing Creative Confidence is best with a Tribe!

Painting Party

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This is an introductory session to our 10-week program, "Grow Your Creative Confidence" outlines a full program of activities that will take you on a creative roller coaster in 2020. We encourage you to attend this workshop to help you qualify for the full program. This workshop is delivered monthly and is open to Women and Men and ideal for managers, community leaders, retirees and business owners.

Perhaps you would like more development in understanding the power that creativity can bring to our work, staff, students and home.

Painting Party membership is included in this program. You will learn;

To grow your self-confidence
Meet people that are like-minded
Transform your creativity
Begin to understand how life really imitates art
Enter or create competitions
Fulfil the designer within that lives in us all
Through fun and play, you will learn in a way that is natural to you
All creation begins with doing it and I am certain my half-day workshop will give you an understanding of the learning that takes place through the program and get you excited about your new creative life! it's not just Creative Doing, it's Creative Thinking! We'll see you there!

Adriana x
Painting pARTy Cairns
Founder | Studio Director
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