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If you’ve thought about operating your own business, now’s the perfect time to find out more about joining the Trading Mate team.

We have 87 exclusive franchises that cover every postcode in Australia – starting from just $638.06 with a median price of just under $8000. These costs are individually calculated and based on the number of small businesses registered** in each region.
**Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data

If you’ve got a computer, printer, internet connection and mobile phone, you have the tools. If you’ve got a positive attitude and a couple of hours spare in each day, this could be the new business opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Once a month you’ll invite all your new members (FOC) to join you for a drink and some light refreshments and to network their businesses. These events will attract your other listed members as they will be keen to meet new people to connect with! You charge a small fee to cover the costs of catering and venue hire and you’ve just created a valuable business community of hard working, real & amazing people!

We offer a high % payment to franchisees for each Trading Mate membership taken up in your region. You can opt to take up our 12 week franchisee trial where no upfront fee is required to give yourself some time to determine whether a TM Franchise will suit you, your family and your current responsibilities.

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Trading Mate is all about getting the best internet advertising exposure for small business at the least possible cost. We prioritise advertising for businesses with 0-14 employees, which means the small business listings will ALWAYS be seen before the bigger organisations, and we offer so many options for easy & economical online advertising, that it would be detrimental for any small business not to take up this incredibly economical opportunity to

Trading Mate Logo

Let’s face it, from just $49.50 per year for 12 months online advertising, it’ll sell itself! Trading Mate is all about getting the best internet advertising exposure and connections at face-to-face networking functions for small business at the least possible cost.

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