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Drops of Vitality with Karen

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Verage - the most beautiful sensual womanly skincare range

do Terra = do = Gift - Terra = Earth = Gift of the Earth and that my friends it definitely is.
doTerra co source from around the world, they work and talk with the communities to purchase their plants, fruits, trees and shrubs they work together to bring the purest oil to YOU,
The products are tested 9 times by individual companies to ensure there are no chemicals, pesticides, toxins in the oils, they are tested from soil to oil.

These oils literally saved my life!
I may tell you that story one day.
I’m a mother hen by nature, and I love sharing and being part of this wonderful community.
I love creating, teaching and helping people, and doTerra lets me do that - create, share, connect and live a healthier life.
Cooking is my Passion, I only use doTerra Essential Oils as they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils, therefore they are safe for internal use, not all the oils but a lot of them.
My facebook page is filled with FB Lives of my cooking, it has recipes and lots of tips and tricks. doTerra Essential Oils are for everyone from our families to our fur-babies and horses and so much more.
Of course, underpinning all this, is the love of the environment and being as clean and green as I can be. doTerra makes this easy by producing great products for cleaning your home with no chemicals and no icky additives, which in turn don’t go down the drain and ruin our waterlife.
We make great do it yourself recipes like Dishwasher Tablets, Loo Tablets, Spray & Wipe for Kitchen, Bathroom, toilets and so much more.
Interested in finding out more about doTerra, looks interesting to you, let’s chat.
https://mydoterra.com/karenward59 https://www.facebook.com/mydoterra.karenward59/