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But WHY did I start using Essential Oils, I have used them for over 40 years, as an aromatherapy masseuse back in the UK, I made up many potions to alleviate pain, change mindsets ect.
It’s funny as oils have always been in my life, but when I met my partner for some reason, you know what happens things fall out of your life. BUT about 4 years ago I got really sick digestive and bowel issues, I was in and out of hospital at least every couple of months,
I was sick of being SICK
That is when doTerra appeared in my life, I used a few essential oils, I was taking a probiotic, terrazyme and lifelong vitality supplements.
Well to my amazement my flora and fauna in my gut is the best it has ever been, As I say I know the benefits of essential oils and how they can change your life. So Today I am always in Awe of how the aroma of doTerra essential oils can change your mindset.
Or massaging an oil into your skin can alleviate inflammation and pain. How adding a drop of doTerra essential oil into a recipe how it can enhance the flavour of your food tenfold.
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