Sustainable pet food!

Plant Power Pets

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Replacement meats are all the rage - and with their phenomenal popularity & the positive health results, matched with unforeseen share pricing on the stock market and stocks flying off the health food & supermarket shelves - this is one trend that simply can't be ignored!

But what about your pets? There's a terrific new local Cairns organisation that have seen the niche here and they are onto it! Averil & Alex from Plant Power Pets, have produced some absolutely sensational products for our pets - so they too can take advantage of the great health benefits of plant based food & treats. 

These guys have a goal as well - to reduce the consequences of meat-based pet diets on the Earth by reducing carbon emissions, unnecessary land use ant to reduce the need for farmed animals by making healthy alternatives available to everyone! To find out more head to like and follow on Facebook @ or call Averil directly on 07 3088 7750.

Welcome to the small business community, it was terrific to meet and connect with you on Wednesday night and we look forward to learning more :)

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