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... the background to the Trading Mate story....

It was time to head back into the workforce after 6 years at home with the small people. Wanting to have a better work/life balance, it seemed a good idea to look at using acquired skills & resources to set up a small home-based bookkeeping business. Starting a business is exciting and risky, but the time was right to “have a go”.

Fortunately the only major outlay required was for promotion & advertising. The phone book reps offered a “free” listing in their website in exchange for a hefty fee to advertise in their hard copy directories.

Research shows 80% of us now find it more convenient to search online for what we require, it really was time to make a start, join the tech savvy and get this business online. Ok, photos, keywords and business spiel uploaded onto the online directory. And ………………… nothing.

Any bookkeeping work that came in seemed to be from friends and by word of mouth, sometimes a favour in exchange for a haircut or manicure. Favours are one thing, but what if amongst the usual paying clients, an exchange of real value items and services could be procured – and every business has to have some form of bookkeeping in place, right?

Looking around home, there’s the patio roof that needs painting, electrical repairs, pool paving, garden maintenance – geez it’d be great to have a cleaner or lawn mowing service …

What if there was a way to connect with other local businesses to discuss some form of business exchange?

Surely there were others out there in a similar predicament – with jobs they put off due to financial or time constraints, or just placed in the “later, it’s too hard right now” category? Wouldn’t we all like to use our skills to help others, get things done AND free up valuable time and cash for better business/family use?

And that’s how Trading Mate came to be.

Trading Mate offers today’s small business operators:
  • instant, economical and cost-beneficial online advertising
  • membership with Australia’s only national online directory that prioritises listings of businesses with 0-14 employees
  • quick and easy information upload from your pc, phone or tablet
  • the opportunity to be “found” by 21st century consumers
  • an option to upload your wish list of jobs required at home by your business

from just $49.50 per year

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Trading Mate Logo

Trading Mate is all about getting the best internet advertising exposure and connections at face-to-face networking functions for small business at the least possible cost.

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